What is included in the convector?

Heat exchanger. The main heating element of the convector, the heat carrier of which is hot water. The inner diameter of the heat exchanger can be 1/2" or 3/4", and it can be more than one in the standard configuration of a particular model. Yes, in the store you can find convectors with one, two, three and four heat exchangers, but there can be up to eight in one case. This allows you to significantly increase the heat output of the convector.

Fan. It is equipped with convectors with forced convection, so the power of such models increases several times. Fancoil uses DC 24V fans, which require appropriate additional equipment: power supply, thermostat and servo. It is in this configuration that the convector with a fan will work most efficiently.

Power supply, thermostat and servo. The power supply is a transformer for fans, which has a board to control them. Without it, the fans will not work. The servo drive, in turn, is needed to regulate the flow of coolant into the heat exchanger, and the thermostat - to regulate the temperature in the room. It gives commands to the power supply and servo if the room is cold or hot.

Decorative corner. The angle is not mandatory for every convector. It is expedient to use if the convector will be with a mobile floor covering: for example, a laminate or a parquet. Since the convector must fit snugly to the floor, the angle eliminates this mobility. In addition, with a corner convector looks more complete.

Thermostat Fancoil

Model: Термостат
SKU: Fan-Therm
Producer: Fancoil
3,018.0 ₴

Thermostat RDG 160T

Model: Термостат
SKU: Siemens RDG 160Т
Producer: Siemens (Germany)
6,035.0 ₴

Thermostat Touch

Model: Термостат
SKU: Mycond Touch
Producer: Mycond (Great Britain)
3,018.0 ₴

Voltage converter HDR-15-24

Model: Перетворювач напруги
SKU: HDR-15-24
Producer: Mean Well (Taiwan)
Power: 15 W
1,775.0 ₴

Voltage converter HDR-30-24

Model: Перетворювач напруги
SKU: HDR-30-24
Producer: Mean Well (Taiwan)
Power: 30 W
2,465.0 ₴

Voltage converter HDR-60-24

Model: Перетворювач напруги
SKU: HDR-60-24
Producer: Mean Well (Taiwan)
Power: 60 W
3,550.0 ₴
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