• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Height:
    120 mm
  • Width:
    230 mm
  • Fan:
    DC 24V
  • Heat exchanger:
    2-pipe, 1/2"
  • Housing:
    galvanized steel
  • Assembling:

11,893.0 ₴

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Thermal power of the FCF convector 120х230х1000

1000 mm752 W1037 W1286 W1603 W
1250 mm
1038 W1431 W1775 W1924 W
1500 mm
1246 W1718 W2130 W2251 W
1750 mm
1458 W2010 W2493 W2634 W
2000 mm
1662 W2292 W2842 W3002 W
2250 mm
1869 W2578 W3197 W3378 W
2500 mm
2075 W2861 W3548 W3749 W
2750 mm
2282 W3147 W3903 W4124 W
3000 mm
2584 W3563 W4418 W4695 W

Features and applications

The FCF 120x230x1000 convector is equipped with an 2-pipe heat exchanger with an inner pipe diameter of 1/2" and a DC 24V fan for better heat output. The FCF 120x230x1000 convector comes with a voltage converter, servo and thermostat. Installation of these elements is mandatory. condition for correct operation of all device, and also gives the chance to regulate air temperature conveniently.

  • Floor convectors due to concealed installation and efficiency of work with panoramic windows are used in many rooms:
  • with low window sills and panoramic windows;
  • where the installation of radiators does not look aesthetically pleasing;
  • in sports halls, trade halls, greenhouses, cultural centers, etc.;
  • in private homes with a complex configuration.

Indoor floor convectors can be both standard and designed individually for any room or building. This approach takes into account all the features of planning, so the convectors can be made of any configuration, even angular or semicircular; non-standard sizes, as well as even more power.

Height 120 mm
Width 230 mm
Fan DC 24V
Heat exchanger 2-pipe, 1/2"
Housing galvanized steel
Assembling floor

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