• Rating:
  • Model:
    Для басейнів
  • Height:
    125 mm
  • Width:
    300 mm
  • Fan:
    DC 24V
  • Heat exchanger:
    8-pipe, 1/2"
  • Housing:
  • Assembling:

28,844.0 ₴

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Thermal power of the FCFW +3 convector 125х300х1000

1000 mm2424 W3290 W4080 W5115 W
1250 mm
3352 W4541 W5631 W7059 W
1500 mm
4021 W5448 W6756 W8469 W
1750 mm
4711 W6383 W7915 W9909 W
2000 mm
5503 W7481 W9246 W11298 W
2250 mm
6275 W8502 W10542 W12993 W
2500 mm
6966 W9438 W11703 W14421 W
2750 mm
7662 W10381 W12873 W15864 W
3000 mm
8428 W11419 W14160 W16992 W

Features and applications

Floor convectors can be used in rooms with high humidity, most often swimming pools. Operating conditions require the convector to be moisture resistant. For example, the body of the FCFW +3 125x300x1000 convector can be made of stainless steel or fiberglass, which is much more resistant to aggressive environments and damage than stainless steel. The warranty is also different – 2 years for stainless steel housing and 50 years for fiberglass housing.

The FCFW +3 125x300x1000 floor convector is equipped with one 8-pipe copper-aluminum heat exchanger with an internal pipe diameter of 1/2" and a tangential 24V DC fan for better heat output. Silicone sealant is used to protect against moisture. The model is characterized by the presence of a drainage system to drain excess water from the convector housing.

The optional FCFW +3 125x300x1000 convector includes a voltage converter, servo and thermostat. Installation of these elements is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the entire device, and also allows you to conveniently adjust the temperature in the room.

We became the first manufacturer in Ukraine to manufacture a convector body from fiberglass. It is an extremely durable and long-lasting material that has been used for many years in defense, aircraft and shipbuilding.

Advantages of fiberglass:

  • strength 4 times higher than aluminum and 9 times higher than PVC;
  • has the properties of a polymer: does not rot, does not change color and does not become brittle over time;
  • has the properties of glass: does not deform;
  • 5 times lighter than ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • not subject to corrosion;
  • resistant to aggressive environments, including to concentrated acids and alkalis;
  • easily painted and remains stable.

For rooms with high humidity, a convector in a housing made of this material is much better than stainless steel. We give a 50-year guarantee on condition of installation of the convector by our experts who are familiar with features of installation of the case from fiberglass.

Height 125 mm
Width 300 mm
Fan DC 24V
Heat exchanger 8-pipe, 1/2"
Housing fiberglass
Assembling pools

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